About Us


Redtail Logistics was founded in 2011 to provide superior service within the brokerage industry, focusing on cost effective transportation solutions that go beyond simple rate shopping. BDP International purchased Redtail Logistics in 2015. BDP International is a Philadelphia, PA based international logistics provider operating 280 global office locations. The purchase of Redtail Logistics allows BDP to expand their solutions to include domestic North American Logistics Management Services. RedTail also operates under a DBA “BDP Surface”.

Customer Focus

Our success is based on the belief that combining professional experience with a focus on customer collaboration and creative solutions delivers tangible value. Redtail is a truly relationship-driven company that believes taking ownership of customer challenges creates an atmosphere where we are an integral piece of our customers’ logistics departments.

Continuous Improvement

Redtail recognizes the process of gathering accurate information as the critical component when creating and presenting solutions. We operate within a continuous improvement model, consistently re-evaluating our customer logistics networks and measuring the effectiveness of our operating environment in order to ensure that the optimal mix of service and cost effectiveness are in place.