Shipping Analysis

To be a best-in-class, it is necessary to understand the functioning of your logistics process in terms of its ability to be reactive, reliable, flexible,  and cost effective. To do so requires a commitment to measuring, creating KPIs, and benchmarking your logistics process from end-to-end.

The purpose of the RedTail Logistics Benchmark Process is to assess a shipper’s execution of their logistics process from the receipt of an order to delivery to payment of carrier invoices. The Benchmark is organized into the following segments:




This process is based on an analysis of your shipment history combined with an in-depth interview process. This approach provides meaningful results by layering your business needs and constraints onto the data providing a complete picture of the realistic opportunities for improvement which may exist.

Measurement of logistics process effectiveness has substantial and proven benefits to companies who adopt these practices. Contact RedTail Logistics to Benchmark your process today. Contact RedTail – Click Here